Introducing German Gothic Rock Singer - LaFee

This is
Roomie will love it

Now, wanna know who is this girl?

Her name is Christina Klein , better known as LaFee who is a German singer/ song writter.

That's the only info i have about this artist because i can't read german. Her website is in german. OUCH.

here's my story on how i get to know this artist:

A silent lonely night, music is the only thing that accompany me.(my roomie went back penang for her convo). Think about music, im sad because i have to say no to the MTV world stage concert that is going to start in a few hours time.BUT, Look at the bright side. I can watch on Astro without getting into the crowd and get chance to be infected with H1N1.HOHO!! No hoobastank , pixie lott for meee, =(((. *munching famous amos* cookies does make me happy. Guess what? I have already come out with MTV of the week #2,. woots. Been watching MTV online lately and that's how i got to know LAFEE. she reminds me of evanescence plus she reminds me of jess too! because they are so gothic. I fell in love with her song even though it's gothic and in german. It's MUSIC. i love it. for my other side. Ok, enough grandma stories. I'll put up some of her video's here.


her website at

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