Flu Strike me this time......

I am currently blogging from subang now (yupz, staying with my parents). Wanted to quarantine myself here to avoid the flu from jess unfortunately I didn't manage to avoid myself in time because we sleep on the same bed in the same room. So, when i get back to subang... the next day , which is Sunday... I had cough.. ,mild fever, running nose, flam... I was so scared because there's H1N1 virus going on. T_T
I went to see doctor and he told me that i had a normal flu causes by the weather. He said that if only i have a high fever reach 38 degree, then he will ask me to checkup for H1N1.

Oh , and I didn't bring my camera , cable or laptop.. That's mean i have no material to blog about the JUICE anniversary .. Will Update next week .. Take care.

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