This is Fashionista LOVE [ Looklet ]

One of my habit by clicking anything to do with the word fashion...

I came across this page introduce by this blogger MICH

When i look at this website, i had a sudden flashback of my Final Year Project .

My final project was an Online Boutique Catalog which have a drag and drop function wardrobe page to play with the clothing before purchase it BUT Mine was very simple and boring.


They use REAL Models (not illustrations), ......

The model become NAKED when you take of all her clothes

This is wayyyyy better than BARBIE... haha

Look so real right???? No wonder my project was a so - so project ... SIGH

I get to create my look without a single cent... THAT's so Amazing right.

*i wish they will upload more clothes *

*Or maybe can upload own face? Haha*

MY 1st Look in Looklet :


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