My Blog is now 1 years old

WOOHOOO, Its Jess birthday and its my blog aniversary!!! I didn't notice that i've been blogging for a year already. Yes i know, my blog is very new. My life change when i blog and i will tell why. I started blogging since i got interest in blogging when i read some people blog, i feel that its pretty cool to pen down all the happenings in life. Hell yeah! I was a person who never serious about blogging before until most of my friends encourage me to blog. When i 1st got to know about Nuffnang... how i got to know???? I found out from ringo's blog. Yes, i click on that "I heart Nuffnang icon". It was great to know cocoyann from ringo blog. she told me about nuffnang, not only that, thanks to porkie too. Nuffnang is a place where they gather bloggers and they organize events so that all bloggers can meet . It is like a community. We know each other online, we meet , we chill... we became friends. I can honestly say that im a shy person or lets say a quiet person, if you think someone is quiet, i was worst than that person.Only people from my primary school knows about that. Im not a person who likes to take picture too, it was a phobia. I didnt know that alot of things can change for just a year. Its cool that my roommate is from Nuffnang too, got to know her from SS gathering plus we have certain things in common and that is how we got close. =)

That is all the good things in blogging, theres also bad things.. Everything have pro and cons right. Sometime i dont know why some took blogging toooooooo seriously. They look into traffic, money, fame... This is why, i starting to miss the old blogging style. I seriously think that the blogs without ads is more interesting to read than those that got ads. (say myself pulak, haha). Just some advice, do things naturally , dont push yourself to be someone you are not. I notice that i started to have alot of events happening on my blog, sooner or later, there wont be much events already unless i attend one. Bloggers DONT COVER the events, they attend it, Only MEDIA COVER the events. (lol, so random).

gosh, i think i can break record for so many old post or undone post *sulk*

Nuff said,



making friends


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