Standout Party with Tiger Beer @ HQnine

Weeks ago, yes weeks ago.. I went to this party by Tiger and Nuffnang. Yupz. Im busted. (Mom and dad saw my paint on my arm). Anyway, i enjoyed the event very much because i can see many people really dressup for the event while i only dressup what i have from my closet...
Gah, im so tired to blog... zzzzzz so here are few pictures that i took that night.

The dinner
Four of us went to some EXPENSIEVE Chinese Restaurant because of *Cough*
Actually we went there early , then we decide to eat first then only go to the event.
So, we ate BREAD , mee and fried rice.

Samantha and Suresh

*cough* now only i notice they both are "S"

Me and Bernard

My paint brush VS his fork

Some standout people that i meet

diese aka anis as swimsuit gal

PPC aka Griza as phantom of the opera


Wen Pink as Korean girl

Me and Chris Thoo

Joyce as surgeon and Me

Clown and Me

KY and Me

Kennysia as Susan Boyle and Me

Me and Jess the dark angel

Cathy and Me

Jess and Me

Me and Jacklyn

Kentzai and Me

Me and Wen Pink

Me and Jacklyn and ....

Me and coco friends

Coco is the last girl wearing like ceopatra

Anis and Me

Me and Greg

Howard . Me . Greg

Simon the Superman and Me

Scary Nurse and Me

Me and Suresh

Zoey as a guy and Me

Bernard the cow and Me

Josh the pirate and Me

Me and Yee Hou

Yatz and Me

Charlie and Me

Yap Thomas and Me

Picture with the SPARTANS

In the Event
I didnt really follow up with the event but they have games such as auctioning game and also best dress competition.

Liang and Jojo Struys

She look very pretty

Nuffnang Founder Timoty Tiah

The cow won something that night

We were playing card game too

The best dress ...

wth, doctor also playing card game

People who try their best to standout
Some people just show themself like normal
Some people use ACTION to be more standout

Simon showing that he can fly

Up UP and AWAY

bernard GTL was actually milking the cow


This Surgeon thrying to show that he is very holy...

My Syiok Sendiri Moment

When i have a camera on my hand...
nothing can stop me to be syiok sendiri ...

i even take picture when im sitting on the floor eatting.




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