Confessions of a Shopaholic

I just watch Confessions Of a shopaholic , it was A-Mazing. OMG, i cant believe i cried after watching it. There are certain parts that make me waterfall. Well, it's about this girl who feels love whenever she shops, but after she went broke and gets to meet this 1 guy. The feeling change when she falls in love with him. Hmm, the movie is somehow quite true because "things can be replace and buy again but you cant buy true LOVE", the feeling is different. The part that made me cried is the part she lost her friend,clothes, and 'the guy'. But, luckily she found a way to clear her stuff to earn back the money she owed and get back her friend and the guy. The last part is SO romantic.T_T. ....

This movie is a MUST watch for all SHOPAHOLICS!

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