Hella Hella with Rihanna VS Chris brown

She was suppose to bring Ella Ella in concert in malaysia but unfortunately it turns out HELLA for Rihanna instead. Rihanna have to cancel the concert just because of CHRIS BROWN..

What happen to celebs these days? 1st Britney then Rihanna... what's with these guys? For fame? But, CHRIS BROWN should not slap her until badly bruises...

Here are the followings gathered from the net:

-The latest news is that Rihanna’s injuries were so bad following the alleged beating by Chris Brown that the police took her straight to the hospital. Her eyes were swollen shut and her nose badly bloodied. Heard that she may require plastic surgery.

-Paris Hilton did not cause the alleged fight.She was all over chris party.“I said hello and that was it,” Paris says. “I love Rihanna and that never happened.”

-Reporters had said that this is not the 1st time Rihanna have been abused. A friend of hers spotted bruises on her neck. She just said that 'we broke up again'.

- Chris has been trying to break up with Rihanna since the start of the year. He wanted to see other women but she didn’t want to let him go. That’s still no excuse to beat and threaten to kill anybody

- Rihanna and chris had change their facebook status to 'single'

the latest news now is that :

Chris had made public apology to rihanna saying 'sorry for what has transpired'.

Do you believe if he is really sorry for it?

O.O how headache to be a celeb. Im sure she's having a hard time while trying to put a concert in malaysia.

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