Ate at BBQ plaza + my visit to my relatives

I've been very inactive for a few days because there are many personal stuff happening in my life's. Well, i dont care if its a very outdated post but i will just post it right now.

My sister been planning a suprise party for her BFF. So, she ask me to join (im one of her plan).
yeah, i know. We are close sisters. =)

So , my dad fetch us there and.. guess what? we forgot to bring the lighter.

So we were window shopping. 1st we thought of buying a cake from baskin robin. After we checked the price... we change our mind and buy from bread story..


After that, the guys saw us and wanted to join... ( the guys very sot wan)

Then we asked them to come at BBQ plaza to eat...we waited 30mins to get 2 tables.. -_-

Its something like shabu shabu..

It tatse very nice.. guess how much is the total for 10 ppl? rm130 O.O

WE went to Mc.D to cut cake.. (MCD supply us all the tissue)
The funny thing happen is that, she cut the cake until drop on the table.. -_-

Last Sunday which is 8 of Feb..

Me and my parents went to Visit our relatives to collect ang pao and pay a visit =)

My sis took only 1 picture because ITS VERY P&C only have picture of the toilet

Me and sis at the toilet

I look so horrible in here... See, my sis only care about her look =(((( I was actually very busybody looking at her phone..haha

After that, we went to bangsar to visit another... (tired)


my dad bought a new monopoly set for my brother... (i dont know how many he needs)

we ate Vegetarian food.. but luckily, its not those fake meats!!!

LOL, some very random happening is that, i ate patchi brand choc and stick the sticker on the handbag then my auntie son ask " why have patchi" there one?

lol, shy..

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