Yenniedoll goes Leopard instead of cows

I know you will go like, WHAT with the leopard now?
I see leopards prints everywhere, seriously its hunting me...
Since the day ACEY called me leopard zebra, people will start to keep an eye with leopard and zebras. And i have no comment about it. Then, after all that leopard and zebra thingy ended (yeah, it ends). I swear im not kidding. Boutique and fashion magazine started to showcase leopards and zebras prints on trend. So peeps, its time to bring out all your leopards print and strut it during chinese new year. Of cause you dont wear cow prints.. it will look so.. horror. dalmation?

The reason why acey called me leopard zebra is because of his wild imagination. I was just wearing a leopard print spaghetti pair with a black and white scaft and then he will go like "it looks like zebra humping a leopard". I was like , "omg, so true.. yeah this is 1 mistake i did pairing animals prints together". I think i look like a cave woman -_-. Some stone age fashion. Since Sparta's shoes are kinda stone age to me too. plus bohemian.

Ok, So, some people have been asking me if i design my banner/header. The answer is YES. I design my layout head to toe. I dont think i have to put a "copyright" on every graphic i done right? SO, the header, the graphic labels, buttons and RSS buttons are all made by me. No stealing.

BTW,Im so new to this RSS thingy but feel free to subscribe to my blog, Its like subscribing to a magazine.

For those who like the design of my RSS button and want to have one. You can request one yourself for absolutely FREE,

All you have to do is fill up this form below (leave it in my comment box, NOT CBOX, I REPEAT NOT CBOX)

Jewel color: what color

Note: Also available in glitter (will place glitter sample later)
Decoration: write the description


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