Mega Shopping Spree for CNY

New year just passed and now it's time for us chinese to celebrate chinese new year. And it's very typical of us buying new clothers , deco , chinese new year songs and baking cookies at home. Quite recently, me and my bf anf his friends meet up and went to berjaya times square. I am soooooO excited to see how Vivian look in person, until i get tons of butterfly in my stomach. Was sweating -_-" ok, im over reacting. We both meet up and she look like a chinese princess. She is very pretty =) and guess what, suddenly her bf ask, "are u both sisters?", cause we were wearing RED &WHITE, and we look almost the same.. My bf then suggest to eat at KFC, WHAT TEH?? KFCCCCCC AGAIN!!?.. sorry im sick of KFC coz i eat KFC so often. Then, one of my bf friend ate the zinger tower, he said that it tatse weird.. imagine hash brown with chicken and bun? hmm... after lunch, we spilt up. Guys went to pavilion "show offs" and me and vivian continue our shopping spree at berjaya times square. We were shop hopping.. "like i use to blog hop".. We hop shop by shop then i saw this very nice vest... i booked it in my list 1st b4 i buy in case i find another 1 that match my tatse. At the end, i bought the ones that i booked ..
While walking, we talk about clothers that we crave for a long time and didn't get to find anywhere. like for example the drop down sleeve. After a few more distance, she ask me to look at the manaquin, i was like "OMG!!!!, that is the one on the internet".. oh ya, she said she saw it was on net for rm40. and we manage to bought it for only freaking rm25!! that's cheap.Lets skip my long story and look at my pictures.

It's CNY, so why not buy a MOO ice-cream?

review: 10/10

I BOUGHT FEB ISSUE!!! and it's still january

This is a anti frizz hair serum

review: LOREAL brand really, it really un frizz your hair and anti oilyness too. not like panteen and sunsilk, that 1 NOT WORKING.

The Vest

I still thinking what to pair it with

Lil Pink dress , pink is the new black =)


With Stokings

The Classy Style

drop down sleeve Teeehee

With Stokings

i recommend u to pair it with boots and a belt =)


Woots, Im FREE yeah

So how's your shopping going on? BTW i also bought 2 T shits, will post it up soon.=)

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