Unexpected Christmas Eve

I was on msn with my bf and then i made him angry or he made me angry ( actually i dont know who ).. He ask me questions, so i answer.. I answer very straight forward and the more i talk the more he gets angry and pissed me off when he tell me that the plan is cancel ( i planned to spend Christmas with him)...... but i felt so sorry for him. ( you know, no matter how hard i apologize, it wont happen)..

Then later after my dinner , I came back home and drew a drawing wishing him Merry Christmas.. So it can chill him up.

this is what i drew..

i drew it at around 11:20pm like that... then i send to him at 11:40pm.

I waited for his reply...

I think i waited until 12.. and there is no reply.. So, i have a thinking that i should call him up.

Pick up my phone and dial his number , *ring ring*

He spoke " Uhhhh @@!!!"

I replied " WTH? sleeping??"

HAHA, he was too sleepy cause he's working on christmas eve ..

So funny -_-

Then i told him to check my drawing...

after that, He actually ask me when , where... and what time..
So that's mean he cool down already.. guess the lil bit of rest helps to cool down his *guy emotion*

Then it was cool cause i get to spend christmas with my bf.. was very happy =)

ps: maybe he is just trying to do a christmas suprise -__-

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