Still in the holiday mood

Sorry to say that i will only be updating my blog next week. Is it too late? neh, its not. xD Feeling lazy & tired at the same time, went out to some places .. walk walk and walk, luckily i don't wear some 3- 4inch high heels.. omg, i dont know how some girls can take it. I prefer to walk fast and comfortable. Funny me, i keep on taking picture non stop with my digital and yet i didn't upload into my laptop. Actually i need to clear some stuff, if not my laptop can die sooner or later cause no air. Sien, talking like my laptop is alive. 1 thing horror is that yesterday night some things happen ...
  • Pimple next to my eye brows
  • My toe nail cracked.. UGHHH
  • some phone call at 4am (weird)

So, I will be posting some random stuff before my x-mas post. Random like some music and some ads . I may even reply your tag at this moment. Yeah, i hate tags, sometimes it asks too many personal stuff, but i can always wish not to answer. Some of you may think why I keep renaming my "labels" . I was trying to sort things out. Then , the more i sort, the more labels i come out with. gosh.. i was about to create some fancy button for it, but since i have too many labels now. I think i just create the ones that needs the most attention. For those who tag me, please write in my chat box "i tag u" . If you don't write there, i wont even bother about it. thx.. And for those who leave comments in my chatbox, unfamiliar sites wont be serve.

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