MDG audition is coming to KL SOON

Omigawd, i feel like its just two days and its coming to KL already. They passed penang, ipoh and johor.. Seriously, I prefer the girls from penang. Those malays have shape. =) but for KL, i hope to see those ultra leng luis from K-Alle (KL).. *wink*

im going to show you the girls johor.. since they didnt choose many girls from ipoh (i thought ipoh is famous for leng lui?)

to me the left one look very kawaii.. no? but the left 1 got it =(

this girl look ok to me

hmmm,i have no comment on this one.. >_<

For those who want to join.. this is your last chance...
So Girls, take note (take a pen & paper)

  • Dont hunch

  • dont wear flats! It will make you look shotter

  • empire cuts are no-no... you wanna know why? It makes you wide

  • Dont wear bits and piece of clothers

  • dont wear leggings & tights...

  • dont show off your bra strap or bra.. ( its a turn off) imagine you have a nice halter top.. then you can see a bra strap there.. it ruin the look.

  • No VPL's

  • bring RM10 for registration


  • dont be over confident

  • dont say you amber chia/tyra banks as your fav model

  • do your hair nicely and makeup(dont overdo) stay natural

(wrote by
vanitysierra and summery from me ^^)

The KL audition will be at :

Date 10 Jan 09
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa

BTW, if you interested to view more about MDG aka malaysian dream girls..

click here to go to their blog =)

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