What you do before halloween?

Usually, I will organize a halloween party @ my house. Yeap. At 1st it started for fun then later i invite my friends to enjoy the awsomeness of the halloweeny House party.. But it was a small one. I wish i could do it again, but a mega one. So it will be super mega halloweny Partey. xD

Before halloween, i will d.i.y my deco and plan wat to do. I also make trick "o" treat bags for everyone. This year, im not going to have a party but i still make those trick "o" treat bags. But its limited edition. I only giving out 20 away. You must be thinking im rich right? No, im not. Its just a once a year thingy.

Why im so excited about halloween is that cause im young, my mom brought me to USA.. Then we celebrate halloween there. It's better than in malaysia. Malaysia is like costume party. But there , they have this trick "o" treating that makes halloween as a fun festive season. they really put effort on deco the road with skeletons and also pumkins. And, you go each house and knock their door and say "trick "o" treat... haha.. I was dress as a clown .. yeah clown.. do i look funny?

This year Nuffnang is having a halloween party, yeap costume party -_-. So, their theme is celebrities... but sadly that i cant join the event.

If i join, should i be ... Mickey Mouse? hey im a girl, i suppose to be minie.T.T

My parents bought this hat for me for halloween @@ and its from disneyland...


This is 2008 edition trick "o" treat bags by me


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