Pimp Ur Facebook Site? Or Fake website?

I was browsing nuffnang blog directory and i found 1 interesting article name "Customize your Facebook Layout PageRage "

Im so curious that im wondering

I can now customize my facebook layout? by HTML?

then when i went to the website that this blogger introduce PageRage

and i click on the "select"

It gives me something like ...

WTF? why on earth do a premade layout website asking for your Facebook Username / password??

Come on, you dont want to be cheated by this fantastic layout on your facebook..

The next day, or less than 10 sec? Im sure your account will be hacked...-_- lame.

So be alert on certain websites that asking your private infomation..
dont let all the chio stuff grabs your attention.-_- and fall for the trap.

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