I puke in CAR

This is the 1st time that i puke in car @@

yesterday i went to summit =.= ya i know i always go summit...

It was my halloween shopping yesterday
I bought lots and lots of stuff, wondering if i trow a party it will be worst.=X

Then me and my sis went to try HOT ROLLS (tm)

its opposite MCD...

both of us order chicken & cheese ( i love cheese)

(picture will be out soon, sry with sis handphone)

then later i went to giant to find my parents and dinner at the same ooold coffee shop.

LOL, my brother was very frustrated he say

"why everytime hawker stall? last last last sunday hawker, last sun hawker, now also hawker arrrrrrrRRRR????!!!!" LOL

my brother is very young.... xD very funny la.

after halloween shopping , suddenly feel so dizzy like wanna puke, but i didnt. later went to hawker stall to eat.. =.= i feel like want to eat but cant cause i feel like want to vomit. So bad..

after that my dad send me back to pj and on fedral highway..

me: *covering nose/mouth*
dad: *driving*
me: papa, i feel like wanna vomit..=X
dad: *pass me the plastic bag*
dad: @.@
me: got tissue?
dad: *nah*

maybe i got car sick..maybe is the hot rolls?

could be car sick.. but i never vomit cause of car sick before =.=

it was my worst day ever @@

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