My fav On9 game

I love to play RUNESCAPE no matter what!

It's my favourite since i start to have streamyx.

ps: there is one time i play until i spoil my dad's laptop by just playing this game... T.T

Runescape is a RPG game where your life is in the game. You can do anything like fishing,crafting,fighting,mining,cooking,smithing, almost anything. And also complete some quest.

here is some screenshots

i think the picture is abit too small. (....ll)

... for new users create an account. Its easy!

then to start playing click on existing user...

select which requirement suites your pc.

Then select a world.( Free world)silver color

different world have different events.

type in your username and password and ready to play! FIght!!!

See the blue white girl there? in the middle? thats me.

Anyone plays ?

wanna play with me? My nick is Hotblood_X (lvl 61)

Go to

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