He will give me whatever or anything!!!!

Convo with me and me bf

bf: er... what you want for your birthday
me: Anything that is nice lo
bf: anything? like what?
me:I dont know la... I think i got everything but nothing is in my mind yet.
me: i want a handbag (coz my handbag spoil)
bf: O.o
me: aih nothing last on me, watever la..
bf: whatever?
me: anything
bf: anything?>

On my birthday

bf: darling, i got something for you..turn around and when i count to 3 you open your eyes
me: Ohhh,wow thats something sweet.. ^.^
bf: 1



bf: ok

Me: wth &^&%^$#66666!!!

Me: O.O you give me a drink?
bf: not just a drink,since you say you want anything

I give you anything

Me: what you mean by not just a drink?
bf: You drink then you will know.

bf: and you say you want whatever, i give you whatever

me : -_______________- zha dou

ps: this convo is made up by me,it not real.

Anyway whatever and anything is two different can drink. You can get it in 7-11.

Whatever is a tea. Different can have different surprises. Mysterious flavours such as Ice Lemon Tea, Apple Tea,Jasmine Green Tea,White Grape Tea,Peach Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.

Anything is a soda drink. Each soda can have different flavour such as Apple,cola, orange and root beer.

warning::::Each Can you pop, its a different flavour.

Oh and yesterday i try my whatever is " Peach tea", and my Anything is "orange pop"

COOL RITE?!!!!! Every can its a mystery

here are some pictures of me with my drink..wth...-_-

Ps: actually i didn't know the flavours when i try, until i look behind... well,its better to not know than you know. anyway its great to give to someone . =) I also didn't know the whatever is TEA..

I was like

why the soda is so flat. =_=

this is my 1st drink....whatever O.O

Whatever and anything,which is your pick?


taking pic with whatever & anything ..come mari buy buy buy 1 is rm1.90

here is some advertorial

some funny ones..check it out..hahahhaaaaaa

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