Hot Date with Tila Tequila

Her name is Tila Tequila (that is her nickname),hotter than Dawn Yang or XX or any celeb..hehe....Tila is a bi.And she is very very popular.She was found on Myspace..She became too popular until she appear on playboy cover and become a singer as well.How i got to know this girl? day i watching yahoo music video and then suddenly have this video called "I love you"....its a very catchy hit and the video is damn sexy! Of cz in Malaysia they will censor it...ALOT! her bio at the bottom

There are as many stories and paths to celebrity as there are celebrities, but in just two years time, Tila Tequila has possibly become THE symbol of the cult of personality that has developed in the digital age. The 25 year old striking, sexy siren has been on the cover and/or featured in numerous magazines - such as Time, Maxim, and Rolling Stone’s "Hot Issue" - for being the most "friended" person on the social networking site Cast as a phenomenal "insta-star" of sorts, she’s already racked up nearly 2 million dedicated fans, and as the popular men’s magazine Stuff said, is now the "Web’s hottest Mama". The phenomenon of Tila Tequila is a story of being an icon of the cultural zeitgeist where the lines of pop culture, personal technology and raw talent intertwine to yield a feisty, magnetic pop music star on the verge. Tila’s popularity in today’s Web World is unparalleled and has helped earn the sultry Vietnamese ex-model recognition that most people would die for. But the charisma fans see in the glint of her eye, the curve of her hip and the mischief on her lips will soon be echoed as she begins to unleash her music and fulfill a dream she’s always harbored and, more importantly, is equipped to accomplish. "People don’t know what to expect from me and, in a way, I like that," Tila says of her music career. "They’re shocked when they hear my music." A mix of hip-hop style, dance-club energy, and punk rock bravado, Tila’s music is unabashedly fiery, upbeat and, most importantly, fun. "I grew up listening to all types of music and have made a lot of musician friends from all sorts of genres along the way who encouraged me and helped me mold everything I like into my own sound." If Tila’s music sounds like a cultural mash-up, it’s only fitting given her background. Born in Singapore to French-Vietnamese parents, Tila grew up in Houston, Texas in an environment that mimicked many immigrant families who moved from poorer countries to the United States. "It was me, my sister, brother, mom and dad in one room," she describes. "We only had one bed. There were flying roaches everywhere. We were very poor." If Tila’s childhood was economically challenged, her adolescence was more behaviorally challenged. "Quite frankly, I was a bad kid," Tila says, admitting she was also a plain-Jane tomboy. "I was lost, truly lost. I had no good role models, no one to really look after me. I ran around doing my own thing without a set group of friends to lean on." Tila’s "me-against-the-world" destructive mentality also found her in a world of drug abuse (a topic she’s not shy to talk about now), a couple of run-ins with the police, and a three-month runaway detour to New York. By 17, she had hit bottom and knew it was time to turn her life around. "I had friends dying and going to jail. My family life and my personal life were bad. I was lonely and lost. I knew that if I didn’t change, I was going to die." Tila started to stay away from the things that were making her so self-destructive and take better care of herself. She had been writing a lot of poetry since she was a kid – "an outlet for my frustrations," she says – but now, her creative expression became a valuable stepping stone for her own salvation. "I’ve always loved music and singing and plays and acting; but when you’re a bad kid, it’s not considered even an option. I started to really focus on that side of me – and that saved me." 18-years old, re-energized and armed with the life experiences of someone much older, Tila started to break out of her shell. She accepted an invitation to model for a friend’s local Houston car show calendar, coming to grips with her own sexuality and maturation into a woman. "It was really strange for the people around me because they only knew me as this scrappy, tom boy kid," Tila says. A modeling agency scout from California soon saw her at a local car show and recruited her to work in Los Angeles. "I couldn’t grasp the concept of me being sexy. Soon after, I realized, ‘hey I have something people like’. People liked working with me and I’m very easy to get along with. After that, I just worked it." Because of her balance of sex appeal and accessibility, Tila exploded in the urban modeling world, becoming a fixture on auto import magazine covers and layouts, pinup calendars, and car show events. She toured America with Hot Import Nights, a prominent car show exhibition company, and quickly became a fan favorite on the road. At 19 years old, Tila created her own website and smartly employed it as a way for the people she met on tour to keep in touch with her. Even then, she was a web phenomenon. "It was really easy for me to just meet people. Everything I didn’t have growing up, I was finding in this new experience on the web," she says. Tila’s career started to extend beyond the urban modeling world. She was scouted by Playboy and, in the media empire’s expanding digital front, became a Playboy Cyber Girl, the first ever Asian woman to do so. She eventually was a star of the VH1 reality show "Surviving Nugent" and was a frequent host of Fuse TV’s popular show, "Pants Off Dance Off."

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This is one of Tila video (latest MTV)

Tila also have a reality TV show "A Shot At Love with Tila Tequilla" .MTV is showing this show and you can watch it online!

It is about Tila finding her soul mate "the one"..and its a group of girls and guyz...which in the end she only can choose either girl or guy to be "the one" in her life..whoa

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