funny story + today is my 1st interview.OMG


i have my 1st interview at phileo damansara later at 3pm

how am i feeling?

like im in a haunted house....whats going to happen?
am i going to be acepted?what if the company is omg...and its a guy

i better prepare my pepper spray! haha!

the way he reply

Hi Evelyn,
We do accept internship, please do come over and have a chat session to know each other.
Cheers,Victor this also can?

this is my outfit for today


i just woke up at around 10am

then i hear



i was like O____o

then i see below the window

student shooting video,dunno acting wad

i manage to take a pic..muhaha...Busted!

ok,this is so outdated post,its about 5th of july...

me n my parents when to summit at night
(ps: we always go out to eat on weekends)

We went to Garden Cafe to eat and i ordered Chicken Chop

because my brother eat so slow,and its almost 9pm sibling needs to go to popular book shop.So,me and my sis go to popular ...

inside popular im searching for VIVI magazine.My sis shop for stationary.

Sadly they dont have the VIVI mag i want....T.T

i went to find my sis and i saw a bunch of stickers!!!!


something very funny

me:looking at stickers,lala come and have a look


me:i feel like buying one but its so expensieve,same cost as my mag

sis:looking at dog stickers

me:hmm,want to buy mag or stickers..if i buy mag..the baju i cant wear also.. :( if i buy stickers,want to stick where?

sis:the dog look like cheesie cute


so i took the candy sticky which look very yummy! along with me to the cashier ..we were at the 3rd still deciding

me:duno wan buy or not oooo

sis:buy sticker so xing ku ah

me:yealo...dont know want or not

sis:if buy clothers ...i think very hard for you

sis:so hard to decide meh

2nd row

me:now i feel like putting it back


me:its RM 6.90 leh huhu T.T

me:ok la..i buy..we share the sticker 50/50


so we bought the sticker..finally..LOL

My dad called , we are at guardian now

so we went to guardian to find my parents...STOP!but before that

me and my sis went to a magazine shop

and they have the new..not that latest la...but its still the latest VIVI MAGAZINE


i used my money to buy and it cost same price as the sticker...sobs

then we find our parents at dad and my bro eating MCD sundae cone...

then he told us that they having promotion buy 1 get 1 free!

Me n my sis rush rush go to MCD and buy our ice-cream 2 for a price of 1..whoa!!!!



before i went for interview,i ate chicken + chaw siew rice

i buy on the same block i live

whoa..after eat then after some KSCB happy hour....the clock strike 2pm .OMG

i faster get ready n pack my laptop

took a cab to go there..take me 30min to find the place lol i found the company,and i wait 4 my interview.damn panic!

so its the hand shake...n after interview...i was relief...

i got the job! How quick? But sadly....he say "i not really give allowance"


NO money i eat what?travel no need money ?
what about my look?
i want to curl my hair and dye it...

damn,i have waited for so long to change my hairstyle

lol,bt anyway lecturer say that dun greed for money its just an internship!

so this is me taking a pic of my face?O_o

eh wait

i found something more funny or weird

after i create a blog...

my sis create(ps:cz i tell her too) haha

my friend create

huh...what is this????? all want to become blogger?

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