Purr-tey Cats, Go Statement!

It may sound very crazy but I think everyone should own a cat sweater in their closet right now! The cool thing about cats is that in their kingdom, they sizes from wild cats to cutesy cats. It means we have the option from tiger, leopard or kitten. This fall look is more clean and sleek, it's a monochrome minimalistic. No repeating patterns, just a simple picture of an animal face at the center of a sweater. The Cats are now the most popular motif that is circulating around the world. Can't deny the cat face look so adorably cute that can make us go "awww" on fashion apparels like sweater, T-shirt, Tattoo-stocking, and loafers! Besides that cute cat face, H&M recently launches a furry cat ear beanie that is purr-fect for an extra cutesy to any outfit.

The key items to style this look: Sweater with cat print, cat ear beanie, leather / metallic mini flared skirt, cat loafer, bracelet chain watch , and cat tattoo stocking.

Colors for the season are preferable to be either black, navy blue, and metallic silver or gold.

Here are some styles with cat print that i love from Lookbook. You can style cat print top with mini flare skirt, leggings, skinny jeans, and shorts with knee length socks.

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