Japanese "CORNE" Ice Cream

It's been awhile this blog doesn't show any food than just fashion.So,I have decided to introduce the newly opened ice-cream shop in Sunway Pyramid. I still cant believe that we went there right after heavy lunch! Nothing stops the ice-cream craving family of mine. Haha!

Before I introduce , my sister was the one who intro to us about ice-cream with bread and we became so curious to know what it is and went straight there even though our stomach are quite full. (¬_¬)

So my expression was like (O_O) after saw the cute interior design. It is a Japanese Ice-cream with snail shell looking bread, oooohhh~ Kawaii des!


 ٩(-̮̮̃ -̃)۶ oh yeah

 guess what flavor I chose? hehehe

They have to heat the bun before swirling in the ice-cream, it cost RM8 for one CORNE!

(õ_ó) ?

Here is my favorite flavor, the twist!Even-though it is like the price of BR but surprisingly the end result is scrumptious delicious!
The Ice-cream is very soft and tall, plus it pushers into the cone for satisfying cold + warm feeling.
By the way, the cone is actually a fried bun and it remain crispy even at the last bite.


rate : 9/10 

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