Buddy Soy Smoothies @ BTS

If you love Soya Bean, Bubble Tea, Tradition Drinks or Food.... or anything that screams the word " Healthy"! Congratulation, because you have found the one and only SOYA BEAN SMOOTHIES.The kiosk is located at the "yum cha" section of the lowest ground in Berjaya Times Square. These lovely healthy soya drink contains 100% Soya Bean with toppings/ flavour of your choice. Now you can have various flavor of SOYA BEAN without any coloring. They uses pure fresh fruits , nuts, beans , etc. The price range is from RM 4.80 - RM 5.30.

Some light refreshment serve before drinking those smoothies

One of the tradition Malay snack; Cucur.
This reminds me when i was a kid and my Malay neighbor always likes to eat this.

Rate: *****

Mable Cake

Rate : ***

My 1st time trying Yam pearl milk tea (not in the menu)

Rate : ****

Ginger Tea mix with Soya Bean milk
This drink is suitable for people who have flu

Rate : **

Tau Fu Fah with Sagu

it is very nice especially with Sagu!

Rate: *****

Coconut Tarts

Rate: ***

The most tradition among all , Malaysian favorite ABC. This ice-kacang is with SOYA

Rate : *****

Corny but goody sweet corn
(I recommend you to mix corn and peanut, worth the penny!)
Rate: ****

Golden Roast Peanut

Rate: ***

For good skin complexion and dehydrating ... Evergreen Japanese Cucumber

Rate: ****

EV's 5 recommendation from the menu:

Bean Galore Red Bean

Tau Fu Fah with Sagu



Corn mix with Peanuts

In collaboration with Buddy Soy Smoothies,
I am giving away discount vouchers to my readers , yups! You , you and you.
(not applicable to those who participate in this review)

All you need to do is comment on this post with this text "I want to try Buddy Soy Smoothies!" and provide me your email address.
The first 5 will receive 2 voucher each! 

Visit their website at www.buddysmoothies.com to have a closer look.


  1. I want to try Buddy Soy Smoothies!


  2. What they have cucur?? Awesomeness! *yums*

  3. Charmaine - Yups, they say they will launch that in the menu as well, so we can also eat while "yumcha" . =)