I'm here to confess that i am addicted to FRINGE and without FRINGE, my life is like a box with nothing. Can you imagine how empty is the box? Past few weeks ago, that was my sem break. My bf burned the whole season 1 , season 2 and season 3 to my hard disk. After my holiday, i went back to my Cinderella place and left my hard disk crying at home! I'm careless sometimes or most of the times. OK, I'm forgetful because i left it at home again and i forgot to bring back here again. FML. I can spend all these precious FREE time watching the episodes but now ... it seems like I'm stuck with assignments and errr .... jewelry making .

It is weird that if i watch FRINGE continuously , i will dream something related to the story. But , why when i watch Korean drama, i don't dream that I'm a part of the role? HAHA

Sci-Fi movies is so suspiciously interesting .

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