No Carpark

How do you feel if one day you have to rush to college for presentation and ...

You find out that the carpark is CLOSE? Will you get panic?

Recently the gov been shutting all F&B Outlets around Damai area, well, the carpark that has been used by students also CLOSE. So, Students that drive to college will have to park elsewhere. And that Elsewhere is somewhere 1 or 2KM? Carpark in college is too small and it is fully occupied by staff and guest ONLY. So what about the students? doesn't it suppose to be included in the facilities?

Guess Not.

There are sure why people drive rather than walk. If the carpark is very far away, people would not see any difference between driving and walking because both also have to walk the same distance.

On Friday morning i was surprise that people will park their car infront of main entrance to protest for the carpark space and safety.

talking about safety, Damai area is really not safe. That is why people drive?

They stick signage in their car

or even having a petition

what say you?

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