Beginning of New Year

The new year ended so fast and i can't feel it's ended already. I had a great year which really occupied my time every seconds. Spent my time with friends from my college , the blog sphere , my boyfriend , my housemates and roommate. Most of all, i really do enjoy singing KTV for 5 hours or more and wish to go more! haha. Actually i wanted to open my own online shop after studies but since i found a person that is capable doing it and i can't wait for my FYP. So I will take my online shop as my training for my FYP.

Bought 3 BB covers for my BB

now my BB is my PET .. (i thought of keeping fish or rabbits)

New Term just started this week. My timetable is kinda FULL.. even if there's blank in between.
I have Fashion Comm which i have to learn how to communicate with all people in the fashion industry, Visual Merchandising to know how to decorate display for shop....

We gonna have buying principle which all of us have to go on a buying trip to BANGKOK, TAIWAN and KOREA????!
because we gonna be a future buyers... Hmmmm

There's a boring subject which is HR , they say that it is a boring and hard subject but i don't think so.... unless you don't know your role.

Oh yea, I'm so busy to even fix my hair (just took it few mins ago)

Look at all the MATERIALS!! Crazy right?
there's tread, casing, PVC leather, pearls, rhinestones, buttons .. etc

I'm going to make rings , necklace , bracelets and some jewelry box for spring

All are limited designs that will not re-make unless there's extra materials =)

So here is how i begin my year ~ what about you?

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