Welcome to my new place

RARWWWW, it's the new year and i have a new place to stay. Yeap, actually moving is not my thing but due to some reasons, i have to move to this so-called dream home .. haha. why i say is a dream home ? because if i compare with all the places i rent previously, this place wins them all.
see the pictures and you will know what i mean....


Block entrance

the condo is so big that humans can get lost in some place like

[it is the back door of unit in some block]

when you spot this door, you know that something magical will appear right infront of your eyes.
doink {haha, not this one}

but this

This swimming pool can make me feel like im staying in some hotel / club / i dont know
[i think it is best for photoshooting]

infront of my main entrance

into my room

errr, i actually bought 3 things from IKEA
the painting is painted by my roomie

since when im so BLACK and RED?
influence by my roomie's
[you know who you are! haha]

the wall is decorated with posters of singers i like.
Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Pixie Lott is love

This is my bed, see my Redtard smiling =D

The toilet
no bathtub but it is better...

The garang look , lol
besides the pretty swimming pool ... theres only one place that make me go , WOW

Located on the 21st floor
It takes you to SKYVIEW cum playground floor

it is a good place to hangout, play and dating?
oh, this is my block swimming pool.. don't have to be so fancy right?
but i love to go to the fancy one.... hehe ^^

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