assignments are crazy . but FUN?

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How does it feels like starting from the start of the year when everything has to be hand work. Tiring. Hmmm, maybe im not use to hand work since i graduated from mastering designing using softwares. That is why i've been M.I.A since i dont even remember when. Plus , i never use to sit for so many exams. Oh well, exam week is next week and i have to pack up all my assignments by this week, cause the due date is soooo soon. ARGH. FML . I've been taking alot of photo's lately anywhere i go. The power of handphone camera , yo. So theres actually alot to write about but im lazy. The only lazy part about blogging is that i have to watermark it and upload somewhere and code it in this blog. Im missing the days when im soooooooo free when i do not have anything to do, thats the day when i blog 24/7 or even have so much time to eye every person who visit my blog but it's different now. Have you wonder why some bloggers have so much time blogging? what they do? are they working ? or they studying in a relax college. For my experiance so far, this new infamous college that im studying at is more strict than the previous 1. =X Hohoho, christmas is coming to town. Good news is my last exam is on 23rd. -_-.

Ok, i better stop writting and get back to my assignments. FML, have reference book, car design, photo frame design, and merchandising report. wah T_T.

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