Bukit Bintang Walk

The only hang out place in KL is Bukit Bintang. Me and my housemates went for a walk from Berjaya Times Square to Sungei Wang to Starhill to Pavilion. Well, it's Melinda 1st time to certain places and don't be surprise that i never been to 1 place before. *sulk*

Can you guess what place is this?
It's Gasoline

I don't know why the couple posing infront of me =_=""""
I want to take the cute dino behind. ish

one thing i like about this cafe is that they have a nice interior ...
Egypt theme
we have to sit on the floor to eat. o.o"

The menu looks attractive to me.

I ordered grape jell-o
it's a 7-up mix with nata de coco and grape syrup.

chicken chop

Anita and Melinda with don't know what chicken rice

LOOK, there's a mural too.
she says that the food is good

Me and my black friend. xD
he is cute ok.

3 of us

me and anita
after having lunch at Gasoline @ Berjaya Times Square
we head to sungei wang
bought some clothers...
*i bought flower print and studs*
Then meet a fella...

This fella at Starhill
to be honest this is my 1st time step into starhill.

The vintage toilet, pretty cool

The interior there is very detailed and nice.
they have different flooring and designs to create a different ambience.

after that we saw a red car infront of pavilion

i know the picture quality is so strange

because my phone camera produce it.

I think i need a new camera . >.<

*something is wrong with my flash*

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