The on and off M.I.A

warning: this post is too wordy...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, I've been M.I.A since the day i start my college. I promise that i will continue blogging but it seems like I'm slowing down because of my studies. Studying in Raffles is not easy. The dateline is very tight and the assignments are like one after another.
There are many events i have to skip just because of my assignments (yupz). However, I love the lifestyle in the new campus now. I'm sooooo outdated right now, i didn't chat in innit anymore, i didn't blog, I didn't see my cbox, i didn't attend some events, worst.... im loosing track of the latest events plus my traffic is downnnn to drain...(wth). Anyway, i will update all 6 outdated post this week ASAP. Feel free to read , LOL. Or just [x] if you find it boring.

I've got so much to write on my blog... seriously

the upcoming post will be :
*Dine with Mr.Baoz
*jeremy's birthday + xpax blackberry
*belgium fries
*daily college life
*halloween spirit on twitter
*Full of lights on deepavali

ps: doesn't mean im not free means i cant go out. Haha, i will manage my time to go out unless i have some other events. ^_^v
Pss:My 1st presentation is in few more hours... *dies*

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