Whats with me lately???

Some bloggers are busy with events,
but me,
I'm busy with my next destination or maybe my next life.
Applying for a new college is VERY hard,,,...
I'm facing alot of problems such as ,

worst comes to worst is that i didn't collect my official cert for SPM *I'm already a fresh grad diploma in multimedia design*

oh well, i know this is what i wanted to study in the 1st place... that is Fashion Marketing and Management. I'm not loosing hope to get what i want.

While I'm writing on the 9/9/09...

Yesh, today is the triple 9's ...

I wonder what so special about it , it seems like a normal day to me.

ER, Maybe NOT.

Hours ago, the electricity cut for about an hour. Leave me sweating like mad. Plus, i have terrible stomach cramp. @_@

HAPPY 090909 everybody!!

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