Popeyes the sailor man @ Sunway Pyramid

What appears in your mind when you think of Popeye's??? Spinach.
But why Popeyes selling chicken instead of Spinach?

I asked my dad,
Me: why they name it Popeyes, not even related to chicken
Dad: Because he was watching Popeyes while eating the chicken
Sis: More like how people name melaka

This is NOT the 1st time they open in Sunway Pyramid.
It was years back they open in the arcade in Sunway Pyramid, But business doesn't goes well. so they closed and they return to a better location which is next to McD.

Me and My parents went to try the Malaysian Popeyes. Oh well, too bad they did not sell Dirty Rice like in US.

My sister says that it taste alot different from the original and the spicy chicken is too spicy comparing the one in US. (malaysia spicy level is higher)

The one that looks like a bread isn't a bread, it is something like butter cookies/muffin.It's something that only can be found in Popeyes. Don't forget to eat with the strawberry jam provided.

Between KFC and Popeyes,
KFC taste better but it's very oily ...
Popeyes is less oily and the spicy chicken is spicy from the skin to the meat!
Plus the Mash Potatoes is supurb yummy.

Ps: We went all the way there just to eat Popeyes.. LOL.. Very very semangat.

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