My own Surrogate , Taddaaa...

Thanks to BernardGT for the ticket to watch serrogates yesterday. The movie was abit like District 9. Instead of aliens, they uses robots. Overall , the movie is fine. It's PG13. But it's complicated at some, i was confuse most of the time. Don't know who is the bad / good guy. Surrogates is actually about people connect to robots to live as a robots.the robot is the person serrogate. Hmm, i think i better stop here before i give spoilers. XD

Here is my serrogate ~ XD

haha, yes, its myself with shining effect on my face like those robots.

moral of the story:

The best is be yourself than being someone else.

the truth hurts.everything is perfect to live as a robot, but something is missing and that is called "feelings".

ps:Im still waiting for the group picture... -_-

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