My 2nd Meetup with YingZi [Duck rice outing]

Few days back, YingZi told me that she's coming to KL alone. Last time, she was with her mom but this time... her mom let her come alone. From here we can tell that her mom believe that she will be safe. Haha, why?? Because she have us and that is Me , bern , victoria and jackie. Jackie fetch us to Sun Ming Restaurant located in cheras. The duck rice is simply juicy and tasty according to jackie the other day. I have to agree on that ! Its one of the best duck rice i ever had especially the char siew.

Golden brown crispy duck

(i know it looks so tempting here)

Half fat and Half Meat Char Siew

(At the end i took more char siew than duck, its soo good)

I Transform when im next to YingZi

TRANSFORM INTO... WHAT???!!! KIDS??? =___=

We went to Berjaya Times Square arcade to kill our boredness
Yes, i still wont get fedup of shopping for clothes.
HOHOHO, im glad i didnt spend this time. =D

Victoria went back early that day..

I had a great day with YingZi and the rest , =D

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