(picture taken in New Year countdown 2007)

We are officially breakup, It lasted for 2 and half years. That is the longest relationship i had so far.I know it's hard to move on but still i have to move on...
You never see our pictures on friendster or in this blog is because he restricted me to put it up. I once put it up, but he ask me to put it down.. so..
There's alot of ups and down and we face many obstacles together. Just that there is some dirty secrets here that it's too personal to be review in here. And i've been VERY sincere with him.

And, I see the person's personalities not the looks. =)

(it really doesn't matter, just how i wish if there is a good guy infront of me)

so dont leave any harsh comments on my comment box yeah?

Oh ya,

Currently Im very addicted to This Local Singer Song Deeper Conversation by Yuna,
Her voice is very sweet =)

check it out

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