"Dick" is also a name?

while i brows through some website for some research. You know me, i just looking at the design and dont even bother to READ . Yeah, i know i just hate reading . But not really hate, just dont want to watse my time looking at text. And then u know cause i have PMS, Im really moody. I even started to fall asleep at my office ,OMG

Then i try to open my eyes wide and try read some of the content on what they write. Suddenly, 1 word just caught my eyes the name "dick"... I was thinking they serve dick in a HK restorant?

Dick Wong , a name. O.O Why would a mother want to name a child "dick"?

And people will be calling , Mr.dick ..Mr.dick... dont you think it sound rediculous.

maybe , Mr.Dick = strong like dick>? or the best dick? hmmm...

ok,enough of "dicks"

lol, they should have a superhero called "Mr.Dick"

Can you imagine he wearing a condom as a costume. O.o

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